Text scroll interaction, reversing an animation direction

Hi, thank you for taking the time,

The animation I want to reproduce is on the website of this person,

So, I managed to do the scrolling interaction, with the interaction “while scrolling in view” where the text goes faster to the left or right when you scroll,

But for the part where the looping animation goes from left to right when you scroll either up or down, I encountered an issue. I used the interaction “page is scrolled”, and set “page scrolled up” and “page scrolled down”, for the text to reverse its direction.

Here is the situation scrolled up A : text goes from horizontal position 0% to 100%
and when its scrolled down B : text goes from horizontal position 100% to 0%
and the animation time for both is 12s

But if when I scroll I am not at the precise beginning (so never) of the animation, the text reset its position to 0% or 100% (either up or down).

The question is then, how to retrieve the A position for the animation B to start from there? And vice versa. Or am I doing this wrong?

Here is my public link : Webflow - Ns4w's Blank

Thank you in advance !