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Text Reveal When Hovering Over an Icon

Hello! We are trying to make it so that when you mouse over the icons under the ‘Is Your Sales Funnel Getting the Job Done?’, the subheading underneath them changes, and correlates with the icon.

I was able to successfully do this with pressing the icons, but I don’t want them to be pressed, I just want to mouse over the icon, and have the information show.

Hopefully that made sense!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Christopher and welcome…

Share your read only link.check here


Use interaction for the button. on the designer select the button then press on the interaction icon on the top right of the screen. press on the + (PLUS) icon to add an element trigger. use the hide/show action to hide and reveal the the subtext.

Check this example. Note that the text paragraph is hidden and you reveal the text by hovering the button (red square)