Text Reveal Animation From Under a Logo

Hi all,

I am currently working on this animation that requires the text to appear from under the logo.
Best to understand is to check this video showing the effect.

Basically, on load I want the logo to collapse and the title to appear from behind it.

So far I’ve approached this by splitting the logo image in 2 halves.
Making a flex that is horizontal, which has 1stHalfLogo, 2ndHalfLogo, TitleText.

1stHalfLogo reduces in scale 50%, 2ndHalfLogo goes to 0% oppacity and moves left and TitleText moves right and goes to 100% opacity. However, this only works if TitleText is short - if it’s a longer bit of text it just gets “eaten” by the screen edge rather than break on 2 lines.

Can someone please help?