Text overlap on my portfolio landing page

Hello - I created my portfolio on webflow https://kinjalpopat.webflow.io/ and a recruiter told me about some overlap issues that I dont see but she saw. Can someone help if you see those issues and how to fix them.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @kinju_3,
Welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

Once you go into mobile view, lots of texts overlap.

oh thanks. this is new. I didnt notice. do you see overlap issue in desktop?

nope. looks good :smiley:

this is what the recruiter sees on desktop but I don’t see that issue image|690x166

and BTW I cant respond immediately to this thread? I have to wait 8 mins?

Maybe ask what browser they use.

they use chrome and I also use chrome

Yes, on a large screen it happens

how to fix for this? do you know if there is any solution to this.

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Design on a bigger screen :wink:

Seriously, designing on a bigger screen is one way.
Other way is to test your designs on bigger screens with chrome’s dev-tools and apply changes needed to the desktop breakpoint.

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