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Text overflows to the right in Rich text

I want my text to remain in the Div block. but automatically extend when their is more text added, without
overflowing across the page/ outside of the Div Block. When I change the overflow settings it hides the text
Am I missing something easy?

please refer to this page:
under ‘details’

here is the read only :

Thanks for your help, you legends!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @jonomabey

I can’t actually find that page in the designer! Can you screenshot where it is?

I’ve looked in the Tours template page, and it seems to be behaving itself well even with the larger amounts of text for some listings, but can’t see this particular page…


Hi @jonomabey

I took a look at the content you’re referring to and it’s not a div block or any styling issue in the designer. It’s the actual content. The text in those rich texts seems to be copy/pasted with its original formatting. And since it’s pasted inside a rich text element, it brings with it all formatting from its original source.

To resolve the issue, Cut the text and paste it again while holding the Shift key I.e. press shift+cmd+v (shift+ctrl+v in windows) this will strip the text off all formatting. You can reformat the text again afterward.

​Hope this is helpful.

Thank you Anna! You are absolutely right.

Appreciate your help. Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

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You’re most welcome @jonomabey

Have a great weekend as well!

All the best,