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Text over an image with effect

Hello! I´m looking for some help!
I´m trying to place a text over an image. The image has the effect that when you hover over the image this change the opacity. But this affect the text also and i dont want that. So can someone help me about this?

You can take a look at my proyect in the part where says “Take a look at Astera”. I´m still working of this, if some has a coments please share it to me.

Hi. Welcome to the community! Please include your site’s Read-Only Share Link with your question.
A read-only link allows the community to view your project without making any edits to it and help diagnose your issue or provide feedback.

If your project has custom code or layout issues on the published site, please share that URL/URI as well.

Thank u! I already add the proyect!.
You can take a look

Thanks for the link. I don’t see any images that change opacity when hovering. Also, I don’t see anything on the page that says “Take a look at Astera". Have you updated the project since posting the question?

No the reason is that I already export the project to another person :frowning: so i don’t have the project anymore :sob::sob:

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