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Text on the image

Hello everyone,
I have a graph where I also have text and I want to design the text separately because it looks nicer and later on I want this text to be translated into EN. This is the effect I want to get

But I do not know what setting to use so it works nice when responsive. Now everything is falling apart when I switch into tablet.

Can you help me?


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Exnaton
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Hi @Joanna1 it will newer work the way you have it done. Also it is hard to recommend exact how to when you do not provide design for smaller screens. Even that here is small hint how it can be done and rest is on your skills.

Create and export images as SVG (thing upfront how images should be designed by size and space around to prevent problems you can face if not done proper way) or PNG if you prefer then use combination of CSS Grid and Flex to make it responsive according to your design.

Thanks for help. Now it works :slight_smile:

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hi @Joanna1 if you have no further questions feel free to close your request as solved :wink:

hi @Joanna1 can you please check as solution the response with solution it self? Thank you.

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