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Text on tabs shifting downward


On iPhone portrait mode, my tab buttons are shifting the tab text slightly downward when pressed (note this is not a “pressed” state issue). I can’t seem to identify why and it seems like a bug. Any ideas? Go to the “groups” or “resources” page on your iPhone and you’ll see what I’m talking about. In webflow preview mode everything looks normal. Thanks everyone!

Public link here:


Just to make sure: those tabs you are taking about? Is it happen when you preview the page on “mobile portrait”? or it happen when you preview on the handset itself?


When I go to the page on the handset itself. Click both buttons and you’ll see that it shifts the text downwards. Thx

Can you upload published link to the site?


I have no Reasonable explanation. I would try to set a class name (“tabs text”) to the text element of tabs, like I did in video below. hope it will help :slight_smile:

No luck - even with adding a class to the tab button text. check it on an actual iPhone
(portrait mode) and you’ll see exactly what I’m referring to. thanks again for your help!

Any additional feedback here, team? I haven’t figured this out and it really seems like a bug?