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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make my website mobile responsive, and in doing that, I’m trying to decrease my font size in my FAQ section as the screen size goes down.

My issue is that my question or dropdown toggler is not allowing my text to wrap. The FAQ section is its own collection connecting to both the question and answer. Is there a way that I can get my question text to wrap as the screen size gets smaller?

Here is my public share link: [1]
[1]: Webflow - 1661 designs

Hey @Simone_Williams!
You can add a Breaking property (in the Typography section) to your .caption

I changed some of the absolute width that you put in your component to center it automaticaly too. Resulting in this :

Hope it was what you were looking for !

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@Simone_Williams Hey simone you can’t use dropdown for faq. This is bad user experience. You create the faq like this

div class=“accordion”
div class=“accordion-header”
text this is question text
div class=“accordion-body”
p accordion answer p

use mouse click animation on accordion-header. when user will click on accordion-header
then accordion-body height will be goes 100% and when user will again click on it then accordion body height will be goes 0%

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