Text not aligning in Dynamic List


Working on adding some content to a dyanmic list using flexbox and I am having a hard time with only some of my authors names and titles aligning.

On some of the shorter names it will pull the course title up to the line with author. It doesn’t do this for all of them only some. It looks fine in the designer but when I go to preview is when it messes up.



I’m sure it is something easy to fix—any help would be great!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Click on the name Ginny Au (Expert Name) and in the min-width to 100%. Do it for the Course Name as well.

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Thank you @itbrian40! So simple!

Mind sharing the logic behind it just so I know for future dilemmas.


You want both titles to always fill all the space passed to them from “Course Grid Flex Item”. This gives each one their own line in the layout.

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