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Text Links Targeting

Hey Guys,

I am wanting to add an underline to only my text links using the border-bottom css effect. Problem is, when i add it to the All Links selector/class, my images get the effect too. The intention is to copy the text link style seen on the Webflow website.

The effect I’m trying to recreate is like the text links on this page:

I’ve tried adding custom CSS with the !important tag to exclude

Any advice?

Your images are probably wrapped in a Link Block, which is why they also get underlined. You need to create a separate class for your text links.

Not sure if this answers your question. Could you please be more specific about what you’re trying to achieve?

Thanks for your response!

Some of my images are wrapped in a link block (because they’re navigation elements), and there are other things (which look like big buttons) which are wrapped in a link block too, which shouldn’t be getting the underline.

I’ve tried creating a separate class, but not sure how to automatically assign it to all text links? Or do I have to go back and find every text link and then give it that new class?

So the effect I’m trying to recreate (only for text links) is the underline and hover effect that is visible on this page:

here’s my site: