Text Links not working when underneath fixed position div?

I have a floating button that I have in a fixed position div with a z-index of 1. I’ve dropped this inside a full width container to help position it in the layout. I’ve noticed that when I scroll down the page the text links stop working when scrolled underneath the full width container?
Any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it?

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Hey @TomB! I just tried to delete the container and give the button a position fixed and everything is perfect! The button doesn’t need this container!

Thanks @donaldsv, your right it does work without that container but if you have a large screen and pull the browser out the floating button moves outside of the main content area. Which is why I used that container to constrain it to the max width 1440px. Can you think of another way to keep it from moving outside of the content area?

Okay! So you can put the button back in a container with a z-index of like 10. After that you can make all your links position relative with a z-index of 11 and everything will be fine!

Also, I just took a look at your site on a 32" monitor and the Intro Container needs a margin right ‘Auto’, Otherwise it gets pushed to the right!

Thanks for you help @donaldsv,
Thats working well now.

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