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Text link - pipes

I have horizontal text links in the footer (i’m using flex box). How can I put a pipe in between the links. I tried to insert a text box but that seems to mess stuff up. Maybe I just haven’t banged my head against it enough, yet.

I’m not really sure what a pipe is, but if you mean just a line to separate the text I think I can help!

You can use a div block! Just set the height to 1 or 2 px depending on how tall you want it and adjust the width to what you need it. I like to throw a 3-point gradient in there too to make the ‘pipe’ fade away on either side :slight_smile:

I don’t know if thats what you meant, but I hope it helps!! :smiley:

Yep. That’ll work. Thank you, Hamilton

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Awesome! You are welcome @zimmerjoe2. :grin:

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