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Text link disappears after highlighting and pressing "insert link" button

so, as soon as i click to make the highlighted text a link. the highlighted text disappears and the rest of the text fills the gap. a link icon appears on the upper left. if i press redo the text would come back but if i delete the link element the text will be gone. this happens in all the parts of the site in all the elements with a text. any idea is appreciated.

Would you be able to give a share link so we can look at this in the editor? Found out how here.

If you’re able to make a screen recording or take screenshots of what is happening that may help as well.


here is the link

This has happened because you applied styles to the class “All Links” at some point along the way.

To fix this, drag a text link onto the editor and remove all styles from it, watch how to do that here:


thanks a lot , the displaying option “none” was activated.

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You’re Welcome!

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