Text Link Color

If I change a containers default text color to (for example) white / #fff

and I drop a text link into the container…

the Designer shows the default color of the text link as white / #fff

  • but it’s blue…
  • and I cannot change the color to white by manually place #fff into the text color of the text link.

Why not ?

I have had to create a class for the text_link and set color there.

Looks like text-decoration color from the container is over-written by webkit. I found it best to use my own class for text_links on all of my sites. I could update in the webkit base classes, but that is not a good practice.

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I’ve kinda resort to that as well.
The other method is place a div around the links. PIA IMO.
@webflow @waldo @PixelGeek - can you look into fixing this.

Also… when you change the background color of a color…

and have text-decoration set to NONE… text-decoration reverts back to UNDERLINE.

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