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"Text" Label Error

I’m seeing a strange issue with text boxes. They appear to be losing their class (can’t even get to “All Text Blocks” or anything). Any item with the word “Text” it’s getting changed to “TeŘt”.


I’m not really sure how else to describe, what it would be or what it affects; pretty confused here! Any help would be greatly appreciated.



It might be good try this; logout of webfow, clear browser cache, login and check to see if the behavior persists. Let us know the outcome.

Thanks, just tried that but it’s still happening. Looks like it’s any class with the letter ‘X’, on this site and another staging project.

Not sure if this matters, but it’s in the tool menus too.


This looks like a font issue. What is your language set to? Are you using any browser extensions?

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No crazy browser extensions, I have Webflow’s extension and Fontanello, nothing else that should be an issue. Turned all of them off, no change. My language is set to English, I’m in the U.S.

Hi there, this is what I get when I add a text block into your layout:


no issues i can see

id submit to webflow support

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Thanks guys, I finally found the issue. It was a font setting in my browser itself, something got changed to a font with some weird glyph issues happening. All is well now!

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