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Text is small until animation completes

So i have spent forever trying to get my animations to look smooth, and I finally got it after an overflow issue made me pull my hair out. The issue that I am having now is that when I trigger the animation on my phone, the text that is revealed is pretty small, until the animation completes and then the font size seems to be its normal size.

Sorry if I am not explaining ti very well.

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I was unable to locate your animation and thus look into the issue. Have you made changes to the project since you posted?

Not that get rid of the animation. What it is is a h1 that when you tap it text appears and disappears if you touch again. When the text appears it is at like 12 or 14pt and the after it is fully there it snaps to like 16 or18pt.

I don’t know what’s it causing it.

Actually it turned out I think to be an accessibility option for larger text on my phone. When I set that to default everything worked nicely.