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Text is always hidden

On the About the Author tablet view the “PPS” text is hidden (Bottom image), to fix this im forced to use an empty section to unhide it. I shouldn’t need to. Whats the problem.

I think the page should expand to fit the number of elements on the page.

Hey @Jeffrey_Gillespie!

Can you add a read-only link as well? Here’s tut on how to share one :slight_smile:


here is the link -

Hey, thanks for the link :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that you’re duplicating your content multiple times to “fit” it within the page. What I would instead suggest, is to contain that content within one section, eg:

  |— Image
  |— NavBar
  |— Heading
  |— Author image
  |— Text
  |— Footer

You can easily fit the content nicely on each media query with Style panel. Below is the video on how I achieved it :slight_smile:

oops, wrong link. Uploading new one…

I’ve also noticed that your’e using both display settings

as well as Visibility Settings

Which never is a good combination. I’d strongly suggest using only display settings here for future cases. Although going with only one block of content that is styled nicely on all pages, would be a much better solution. It would also go well with the search indexing, because you wouldn’t have duplicated content on same page.


In the second part you say I should use visability settings or display settings however if I turn on display setting how do I make each element style differently for each view without using visabiliity settings?

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