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Text formatting showing up as hyperlink

I have some formatting issues, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why this text is showing up in blue and not red like everything else on the page. I’ve exhausted all my options, making sure that everything has its own section/container etc. Please help!

64 bit Chrome, Version 44.0.2403.157 m (64-bit)

Hey @teletuned4,

its always quite hard for all of us, if you just post a regular link to you live site. It would really be better if you would also include a “public link” to the webflow designer version of your site. (There is a sticky thread about that).

But from what I can tell you about you problem:
The text in blue is a hyperlink. The styles applied to that hyperlink are 1. blue color 2. underlined.

In order to fix that you can do two things

  1. do not place the text within a hyperlink (if it shouldnt be interactive)
  2. style the hyperlink accordingly (red color, no underline).


p.s. even it is a hyperlink, I cant click on that …

The link is

I realize that it appears to be a hyperlink, but this is only a text block and has no linking attached to it, and is in its own section, div block, and container.

All the formatting is the same as the other red formatted text, but it still comes up blue for some reason.

This is not what I meant :smile:.

Take a look at this thread
How to enable a webflow share link


My sincere apologies. Here ya go!

Your help is greatly appreciated!



Hey Steven,

thanks for the preview link.

Well its hard to say because there seems to be a problem with the designer view and the published website. Because there are some embed elements within the site with stylesheet declarations I might suspect, that the problem is either:

  1. because of the embedded code, that overrides the normal style definitions
  2. maybe there is some code in your “dashboard -> custom code -> hedaer/body” box. Could you paste a screenshot of that page? Is there any custom code within?
  3. Maybe some Javascript adds a “a href” tag ober some child or selected element. Otherwise I cant explain myself how that [a] is wrapped around you text element.


No problem! I’ve never had this happen before. I just went into the designer and changed some text and when I published it, the text came out as a hyperlink. I’ve been using this site for a while and haven’t had this issue.

I checked the Custom Code/Header Body box and there is no code whatsoever in those fields.

I wish I could determine whether it was the embedded html code above or below that is conflicting so I could at least know who the culprit is and make some changes.



Also, I wanted to show you the code with the html embed above:

And the code below:

Hey @teletuned4 seems like you got this fixed? what was the issue in the end, did you work it out?

Hey Tim, no this has not been resolved. We have been unable to determine what is causing it. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!



Hey @teletuned4 My suggetion would be to re create this whole block…

It seems like the elements once contained a link that has not been removed for what ever reason. I think to rule this out re creating this section with new Text Blocks or Heading Elements will help to determine whether it was a past formating setting in that area that is causing the problem.

Let me know either way, happy to help!

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I have recreated it completely, twice actually, and it still keeps posting this way after publishing it.

@teletuned4 I think i might have found your issue… Your first HTML embed has a missing forward slash “/” on the Bandsintown link. It’s currently “...Bandsintown<a>” It should be “...Bandsintown</a>

The complete HTML emded should be like below…

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<a href='' class='bit-widget-initializer' data-artist='Steven Franks' data-text-color='#ffffff' data-link-color='#e83131'>Bandsintown</a>

Let me know if this fixes the problem.

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THAT TOTALLY FIXED IT!! I feel like a rookie for missing that. But lesson learned, and hopefully if anyone else runs into this problem, we will all know the first place to look!

Thank you so much Daniel and Tim for helping me out and getting me back up and running.

This is the reason I use Webflow.

You guys are awesome.




@teletuned4 More than happy to help! :smile:


@tim Hawkeye :). @teletuned4 Yeah glad that you got it fixed!

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Thanks again @Daniel_Schultheiss and @tim

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