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Text element not displaying when getting info from CMS

Hi there,

I’m stuck with an issue I found in a CMS template page.

When getting text from CMS into an element (heading, text block…) this element disappears :worried: Both the section and element are standard, no styling whatsoever.

Please check this recording I made:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @lewis

Can you share your read only link please, it can help provide a quicker solution as we can see your current settings etc.

Sure, sorry!

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The page you’re on, it’s not showing because the location name field is not set.
Enter the Location Name, or view a different page (the tab at the top) and it’s there. (It’s there twice on the other pages because you’ve put it on twice thinking it didn’t go on the first time). :smile:

That’s the current page you’re on.


Thanks a lot @magicmark, fixed it! :smiley:

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