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Text effect needed for welcome page


Ages ago I rushed a site together and quite frankly it’s awful!
However the “client” liked it and as I did it for free I wasn’t bothered.
Now it’s winter I want to look at it again and try to rebuild using Webflow!

My main issue is on the “Welcome” page (other pages are sorted) - where I want to be able to “animate” the text on the page but in a “graffiti” style…
(Please don’t laugh!)

Can anyone help me to come up with a better design for the first page?
I want the text to blend in more with the wall - punk band so a punk look…

Welcome any ideas!


You need to get clever with photoshop for this. Using blending modes you can make it look like it’s written on the wall. But i’d pick a better font that more fits the style. Doing this the way you have it and having it be convincing is likely impossible.


I will be changing the font and could do it in Photoshop but this would then be static?

Any ideas to animate the blended text so it looks like it’s being sprayed on the wall?



Not without building it ahead of time in something like after effects and then uploading a background video.

From a design standpoint, I’d recommend going in a slightly different direction and separate the text from the wall and do a better looking font with a slight black overlay on the wall so that the text is front and the wall is back. Create depth that way and show you’re not trying to make it look like it’s written on the wall but just suggesting it to the viewer.

I recommend a font called blackhawk if you can buy it. There are also some free good ones out there.

Great idea. I’ll give it a go. Thanks