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Text does not stay within section header

Here is the read-only link to the website I am building.

When I enter mobile mode (portrait), there is text bleeding out of the intro header. I want all text to stay within the borders of the Intro Header in the mobil version of the website.

Any advice on how I can do that?

Hey @Julian_Martinez1!

Just a quick one on this, thought I’d check are you styling this element when you go into mobile mode differently than on Desktop mode?

I am styling them the same. I am hoping to create flexible code that caters to both.

Sorry for the late reply here Julian. But you should definately style them differently, thats what breakpoints are for. If you want to style them the same, you will need to set min and max values for your txt so that it doesn’t cause too many problems (perhaps try padding also?)

Hope this helps and sorry again or the late reply

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