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Text disappearing not showing when Move animation applied

I am trying to apply the same page load trigger I made for desktop to different breakpoints. Specifically, there is a header I have different versions displaying for desktop/mobile (because of the issue with background clipped text not working on mobile browsers). Here’s what I did:

  1. Duplicated the pageload
  2. Set the new pageload to trigger on tablet down (and set old pageload to trigger only on desktop)
  3. I changed the targets of the new animation to point at the tablet/mobile header elements

When I do that, the font elements disappear. It doesn’t make sense to me because an animation with the same settings is working on desktop.

I tried a quick test and find that it seems to be occurring when I add the Move animation - that is the point when the header disappears.

screen recording

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Here is mypublic share link