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Text different on mobile than laptop

When I look at my site the slider text displays correctly on a laptop/desktop (mac) but on the iphone, defaults to ‘standard’ text. Is this a common bug or am I doing something wrong here?
Thanks in advance.


Can you please send a screenshot of your problem? That would make things easier for us to help you.


Hi @BUMPandHUSTLE, the specific font Playfair may not render correctly on iOS devices, there have been reported issues regarding this font for iOS in the past.

Have you tried another font to see if you get the same results?

I would do that next to see if changing the font to say montserrat or lato work better.

Some indications are that it might have to do with the font weight loaded, I would also try loading more font weights and try different weights.

@cyberdave, yes I did ‘Playlist’ not to be confused with ‘Playfair’. I will try another one - hang on :slight_smile:

Hi @BUMPandHUSTLE, great, I just checked and the font renders on desktop/laptop as playfair italic currently:


@cyberdave - Yes I tried Playlist first, then changed to Playfair. Both didn’t render correctly so I thought it was something other than the font. As it happens, I have tried Georgia Italic on your font change suggestion and tickety-boo! Another caveat learnt. Thanks for your help @cyberdave.