Text columns for bulleted lists

Hey guys,

I was really hoping there might be a way to implement the column text into the list element so that the bullets carry over into the next columns. As it works right now only the leftmost items get bullets and the right ones have none.

Am I missing something or is this a feature that is not implemented yet?

Bullets is coming with the list items. And what you expect is bullets coming with columns. Why it should be expected?

I don’t really understand what you are trying to say, I am sorry.

You want that bullets was next to every text column? I got it right?

Yes, right now when i add another column to a list, this happens instead of putting bullets on the list on the right.

Hey @DFink, can you share a read-only link? I tried creating a simple list inside of a Rich Text Block inside of an element that is configured for two text columns and it seems to show the bullets correctly in the second column:


Ahh, i see it does work if I apply the columns to the rich text element itself but apparently not if I do it to the unordered list element. This means that to use it like that, you have to always nest the unordered list inside of a rich text element to get that effect. That also means I’d have to stack 2 rich text elements just to get this effect since I want the header of the section and sub header to not have columns. I think this is a place where the unordered list element should reflect the same behavior on it’s own.


@DFink This seems to be a native CSS issue, hmm. You can also do this with native List elements (not Rich Text nodes) by wrapping your list in a Div Block and putting the CSS columns property on the wrapping Div.

See the second example here: