Text colors shifting to dark grey on mobile/ SVG logos also modified

Hello dear community!

I’m having trouble with the Mobile M and P breakpoints. The colors from headings, paragraphs and texts inside buttons are shifting to a dark grey. Text colors are ok in the footer and navbar.

Everything ok in the Designer’s view. If I activate the Mobile view in the Console/Inspector through desktop browsers (Chrome, Safari and Brave), also the preview looks fine. But if you access the URL on the smartphone you’ll see the problem: https://www.d-dust.de/

Also in the same Mobile breakpoints the SVG logos (Brand) on top of the site have altered font types.

Any ideas?

Read-Only: Webflow - d-dust.de

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @D-DUST

The text is grey on all devices for me

Can you share a screenshot of the problem you are seeing?

For the svg, make sure to outline the svg in adobe or figma before uploading to Webflow.


Hey Piter,

Thank you so much for your fast reply. I took a screenshot from my smartphone to show you the problem.

Thats a screenshot from an iPhone 6 iOS 12.5.5. Google Chrome is updated.

But if you can see it with the right colors in your smartphone, maybe the problem is with my mobile!?!

Thank you again Piter!


Read-only: Webflow - d-dust.de

But one thing I have noticed: you have no backgound in your screenshot at the explanation section: “Outer-Act is a street art…” :thinking:

As you can see in my screenshot there is a graphic there!

Well, step-by-step. Thanx!