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Text Color change for Nav Links


On my new site I defined a fixed Nav Bar that changes its BG and Text Color on page scroll, but I have 2 issues going on here:

  1. If I don’t explicitly defined the Nav Link text color I can’t make it get its Nav Bar (parent) text color through CSS inheritance, why?

  2. When I set the Nav Link text color on the page scroll interaction, the hover and current states does not work anymore. How can I fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Because Webflow defines a default color for the nav-link element, and that’s takes over anything defined on the parent.

@samliew gave me the solution (thanks Sam). Use a custom code element in the page and put that inside it:


It’s going to cancel the color defined by default and force the inheritance from the parent.

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Hi Vincent!

It worked just perfect, thanks!
I also added the code for the hover and current, but I could not make the current color happen for the nav link.

I added the following code to the style on the custom code:


Do you know anything about that too?

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