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Text box edit text problem

Does someone have an idea of how to change the text inside this Text block?

Here is the template Read-Only:

Thank you in advance… I’m stuck from more than 3 hours searching on the web to solve this problem

You mean: Changing with an interaction?

Hi Matthias, I mean: I want to change the text “Button Text” in “call us”. But there is a second text called “Button Test Second”. It always shows “get a free quote” when the mouse is over. And I can not find a way to edit that text…

Oh. I’m not sure, if I understand you right but than its easy:

  • Select “Button Text Second”
  • drag it on top of the “Navigator”, below body
  • change your text
  • put it back
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You got it right. Sorry for my english. Now it works!

Thank you so much for your time )