Text Box cannot be selected/deleted


Today I reworked my collection list for our products, so that it would work for the Attributes filter system by Finsweet. Anyways, I must have forgotten to somehow delete/remove the binding of a text block that was linked with an old cms item or something of the sort.

When I now see the product card (the back of it, which is usually rotating on hover), there are 3 text blocks with sample text, that I cannot select or delete. They are also displayed on published site and if I check the code, it just says #text with no class attached.

Very weird and really bad, as I have to present the product section to my boss in a few days :confused:

Would appreciate any hints on how I could solve this issue! :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Does anyone have a clue?

I’ve tried everything I could…

Hi @desperad0s,

There is a bug in the prod-card-back and I think I’ve found a solution.

  • Create a new div with the prod-card-back class
  • Place all the elements of the old one into the new one.
  • The sample text should now be gone.

Let me know if this works!