Text block shown off screen for bound Date/Time fields

Following Business Website tutorial at 14:06, a text block is added and bound to the collection’s release date. For some reason, using that field causes the text block to jump to the top corner of the canvas, mostly offscreen (only about 4 bottom pixels of the text block are visible, as seen in this screenshot). This only occurs when binding Date/Time fields.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Great question @tony19! I was taking a look at your site and it looks like the culprit is due to the release date not being set for each blog post.

If there’s no content or an element is set to display: none, usually the class name will display in the upper left hand corner of the Designer:

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Thanks! That was it. Manually entering the dates fixes the issue.

However, this indicates that the blog post data from the tutorial assets is missing the “Release Date” column. I don’t recall the video instructing us to fill in the dates for the imported blog posts (although I could be wrong). I think it would make more sense and be more helpful if the data was updated to include the “Release Date” column.

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