Text block placement issues

Hello, I am trying to place a few text blocks over an image. Here is a share of my site:


The 1st section has a video. The second second is the section I am working on. The third section is a jpg mockup of what I am trying to achieve.

The video section and bottom section have a tag that sets the section to scale to the size of the browser window (responsive). I want this effect, but not sure if the tag needs to be there.

In the second section I have the image I want as a background image for the container. The text is in a column in a div which has a top margin to place the text.

How can I get the background image to cover the whole section? (like the way the 1st section and last section are). Also, am I using the right display settings in the div block for placing the text? Again, I am looking for the end result to look like the jpg mock up in the section below.


You have your background image set to the container. Just set it to the section instead. Container’s shouldn’t generally have background images, they are used for content and usually don’t even require any styling other than the default. You can then place your columns inside a blank container and it should take care of the side margins.

Hey, thanks DFink -made the changes. Seems I’ve got a few things wrong though:

Hmmm… aside from the image stretching and section not sizing to the size of the others I also can’t move the text columns. You’ll see I have set headline column left margin to 100, but that didn’t cause the column to move.

Any help is much appreciated,

You don’t want to use 100% widths on the background images. Use the cover attribute instead.

If you are trying to just recreate the image at the bottom, why not just use the float attribute to pull the button and text to the left? Then adjust with margins? You don’t need columns or containers at all.

It also seems you are very new to webflow and I would recommend you watch all the tutorial videos before proceeding any further. Webflow isn’t as easy as wix or other web builders, it’s based on CSS parameters and that limits how you are able to do things.

Good Luck

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