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Text Block moves to top left corner

so the text block moves to the top left corner, it should be displaying the project type, is there a fix to this?

May we see a read-only file please?

Click the icon, flip the button switch to on, copy then paste into a post/reply here

Other than some size and margin issues on the 3 smaller sizes, I don’t see what you are having an issue with.

Yes, the text is upper left. Where would you like it to be?


Uploading: 6.PNG…

the first 3 pics are from university courses. in the last 2 pics it shows my projects, projects of god. the text block should be in that area not the top left corner. and when i change the text block to project type, only ux design appears on the 3rd section, there should be text blocks on all subjects, signifying there text.

hi @ecasillas it shows on top as it doesn’t link to any field (it is some kind of notification that something is wrong). What I mean is that your project type is an options field and you didn’t select anything (only on one) and you have checked it as required field. Once you select in any option on each project it will sits back to its position.