Text Block keeps showing but not in the Navigator

Hi there !
I have some extra block-text elements appearing in my checkout page.

And nothing in the Navigator, I’ve been trying many hacks but don’t find how to remove those “two extra text-blocks” …

Is there an expert that would have encountered this problem, (it is in the checkout page, in the options-list collection) and could help me find a fix ?

@vincent , @PixelGeek, @Tyler_Hughey , @Benoit35750 or any Webflow dev out there ?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey @leetch, this seems like an odd bug. I manage to delete them somehow, shown the video below. No audio, but know that whenever after I click an element, I hit the Delete button on my keyboard. You need to hit it twice.

  1. Click on the Order item Infos > Delete > Delete.
  2. Create a Paragraph item in between Checkout Title Small > Delete > Delete.
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Damn it works, you’re ace man !

Thanks a lot @dennyhartanto !