Text block is hidden on load until hover


I am experiencing some trouble with my site’s navigation bar. The nav has an interaction on Page Load: once the page loads, the nav fades in and moves down to its designated location. Within the nav, I have “Start Here” text next to my logo on all pages other than the homepage.

The issue is this text is hidden on load on the Services and Story pages only. All other pages it loads properly, and you can see it after the nav comes down. On the two pages mentioned, it’s hidden until I hover over either where the text should be (the cursor turns into the click icon even with the text hidden) or until I hover over any element within the nav.

I’m not sure what’s going on because it appears to be fine on all other pages. I would greatly appreciate some help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Ian Efford
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Hi @Ianefford
Hope you are good – This is really weird :thinking: the code is not even showing up in developer tool

I recommenced, recreating the header
And hopefully, it should fix it

Won’t take more than 15mins – Keep me updated :slight_smile:

Hi Pravin!
Thank you for your reply. Do you mean the whole navbar, including links, text, and interactions? If so, that would actually take me a bit of time as I have many different elements including a pop-up for the contact button.

If possible, I’d rather not have to do that all again. I tried recreating the interaction, and it made it worse. With the new interaction, the nav links on the right also disappear.

If I remove the interaction, then the links do not disappear at all.