Text block ends up sticking to top right of page when connected to cms

For whatever reason when I connect at text block to my CMS the element ends up sticking to the top left of the page and invisible. I can see that it is connected but it has moved and stuck to the top left. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[Here is my public share link: LINK](Webflow - Hippy X redo)
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hi @jillbascome as you do not provide descriptive request I didn’t search where the issue is (page, section, collection etc.) I have looked only on home page. What I see in your project text “step by step” sits correctly above and only issue with visibility it text color. If you have issues anywhere else from what you are describing it looks like positioning issue where parent is not set as relative or element is set to fixed

Good day,
This problem is actually happening on 2 pages. The home page with the sp-title (text). I deleted the whole thing to rebuild. And it is also happening on my bundle 1 page when I try to attach a cms image I have placed in a sized div. When I attach the cms image it also jumps to the top left, sticks and is hidden. I haven’t changed the position to anything and it is still static.
Here is the link again

Even in the rebuild. I go to connect at text to cms and it happened again on the rebuild. Its not on every text though which is why its weird. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Filling the field with the names might help (duh). Thanks for your time