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Text alignment is off in mobile view only

Hi folks,

I have an issue where text alignment goes off before a text span in a paragraph but only in the mobile view (not even in the Webflow preview). The image below shows the issue (text span is the underlined part).

Any feedback / insight would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - UserHop


Hey Kritika,

Try removing the Auto margin from the actual underlined span, Text Span 5. That might be your issue.

Hey @jaytel , the Text Span doesn’t have a margin or padding (all set to 0):

On Desktop it does not. But it looks like when you get down to mobile it’s been added in.

Removed it but still facing the issue :confused:

Could it be because of positioning (currently set to static)?

It’s from the float in div block 6. I would avoid using float entirely and instead building sections like that with a grid or flexbox.

@jmkriz you mean removing the relative positioning?

You were right @jmkriz ! I added a larger margin on the mobile view to see if it would fix the problem and it did.

I’ll keep your point about grids in mind - but not sure how to get that “pop out” look of the chat graphic with a grid - let me know if you have thoughts on that?

Check it out. I threw it together real quick with flexbox. No need to have the extraneous divs inside either. If the overflow remains on in the container you used you can have the image “pop out” of it. I set the image to 500px high or something like that.

That’s awesome! Thanks so much