Text above image doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I’m french, sorry for my english.

I’m working on a website and I need to create a menu “grid” with images and text.
To be more specific, I have the same grid as this home page :point_right: https://winchdesign.com/

Well, so I picked “grid” section and I putted some div, but either text is not centered or either text is under the image (and I tried to push Z-Index to the maximum).

Hope some people can help me,
Thanks !

Hi @maeva.jde! Can you share your read-only link?

Hello @blakelam,
Here it is : https://webflow.com/design/atelier-transmedia-lock

Thanks in advance,

@maeva.jde I’m not able to access that link – that’s the link you use to access your project. You can create a read-only link by clicking the share icon in the top right of the Designer.


Sorry @blakelam, here it is : Webflow - Atelier Transmedia

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Thanks for sharing that link! It looks like you may have got this working. Did you get the grid layout working how you wanted?

Yes thank you @blakelam !

Now I just have issue with button,
It’s impossible to change the text color, and when I put a background color, I can’t see text anymore…

Do you have any answer ?

Thanks for helping me !

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Which page has the button are you referring to?

Hello @blakelam,

I created a button on the home page to explain you my problem.


I think the issue is with these settings on the All Links selector:

If you select the button with class Button 15, you can access the All Links selector by clicking “2 selectors” to see the inherited styles.