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Testing site in browser


I’ve exported the site code so that I can view site in my local browser - just to get a better idea as to how things are rendering.

I noticed where in Webflow I hid the dynamic element from the screen…that here in my local browser (non webflow viewer) - where that dynamic element was positioned, I have a light gray container appearing on my screen and it reads ‘No items found.’ - This is a concern to me; does it mean this bar that should not be visible will display when we go live?

In Firebug, I am seeing this code on the site. What should I do about this?

<div class="w-dyn-list"><div class="w-dyn-items w-row w-clearfix"><div class="w-dyn-item w-col w-col-3 dynamic-item"></div></div><div class="w-dyn-empty"><p>No items found.</p></div></div>

Hey @Tine22 dynamic content cannot be exported from a Webflow site. Please see this article:

Hi, Yes I understand that… that’s fine. I just need to be certain if the dynamic element is set to ‘hidden’ (eyeball icon that is struck out) that it definitely will not display anything on the page…

Hey @Tine22 that is correct and you may have to style the “Empty” state of the dynamic list items which you could have set to display: none as well.

​Please let me know if this is helpful, if not, I’m happy to help further. :slight_smile:

OK, will keep in mind.
Did also just now click the icons for the different screen displays where it reads ‘visible on’… clicked all of them so it reads ‘visible in your imagination’. Hopefully that will also help guarantee.

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