Testing custom JS without saving and publishing

I am programming a little tool with JS in the custom code part in Webflow but to try my code I need to click save, (then the panel closes…) and then I need to publish before I can test the piece of code.
Is there a good workaround to quickly test a part that I wrote and see it working?

Thanks in advance!


You can use the developer tools in your browser to access the console and run your code there.

Ok thanks!
The part that is open here is not editable it seems.
Where can I paste my code exactly?

It’s been a while since I used these tools.

In the console tab:

I’m doing something wrong here I think. I took out the code from the custom code section in webflow and pasted it in the console but when I click the button nothing happens. With the same code using custom code in webflow it works.

Your code is wrapped by $(document).ready so it will only fire when the page loads. You are pasting this code in once the page has already loaded, so it will never run.

So just paste the code in between:


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