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I’m trying to place the name “Joe Smith” underneath a testimonial (in the What our clients say section beneath the hero section) but it’s going to the right. I’m using child parents and children and think that may be something to do with it. If anyone can enlighten me I’d be very grateful. Thank you. Share link below.

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/stevemears-lp?preview=9a70a45dacce33fbc64bbea5dc277ec8
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Try that on the parent settings :

Hope that helps.

Definitely not wanting to jump on Laurent’s toes here but the way I’d go about it would be to just use containers with a row / column sort of treatment.

Something like this :

I believe that’s the sort of thing you’re after? I’m not a total fan of flexbox due to some browser support so that’s the way I’d do it.

Just another way of looking at it though that I thought you might like.

Hope you get it all sorted one way or the other.

Best wishes,


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Oh I assumed that those 2 columns were 2 different testimonials, so my method will place the name under the first one.

I didn’t know about browser support and flexbox, thanks @Mark_Bowen :smiley:

Hi Laurent_Hayoz

Thanks for this. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t seem to help unfortunately. Joe Smith is still to the right of the first testimonial, but the 2 testimonials are aligned vertically now instead of horizontally. I want them horizontally aligned with Joe Smith under the first testimonial on the left and a second name to go under the second testimonial on the right.

Maybe I’ve not done it correctly though?

Thanks again


Thanks Mark, I may well revert to rows/columns if I can’t get it working with flexbox.


Oh I see, you probably are working on the wrong container, keep the one you’ve been modifying the way it was and use the lower one instead :

Hi Laurent_Hayoz

Thanks very much for your help. That’s done the trick.


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