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Templates that have eCommerce, Ugh

This is a bit of a (short) rant.

I wish one of these scenarios existed:

  1. Webflow allows you to activate a site plan without ecommerce, even if that theme has ecommerce designed into it

  2. Template designers would make two versions of the theme, with and without ecommerce added (some already do this with languages anyway)

There are some themes that I like for clients but they include ecommerce and they will not be using that!

For instance, the “No Fitness Yet” theme, NoFitnessYet - Webflow HTML Website Template
Has ecommerce for adding your membership to a cart.
Great, but it is not recurring. We would end up using an integrated 3rd party merchant.

Am I alone here? If so, I’m open minded to changing my opinion on this, with logical reasoning that is.

I agree.

I don’t normally buy any templates but I was asked to use one which seemed to match requirements really well - except, it had eCommerce that wasn’t required.

So we bought the template then rebuilt every element from scratch in a new project while avoiding the eCommerce elements. A frustrating afternoon, but it did the job. The time was recharged but I’d rather not have done it. Thankfully for us this scenario is very rare but I agree the option to drop eCommerce should exist.

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