Templates not showing up on teams

Purchased a team account as myself and another designer were going to to be working on a few sites together. It says it is supposed to come with templates and everything that the pro account has to offer. Yet there is only the blank template to choose from. Yet on my free account there are quite a few even free templates to start from. Has anyone else had this issue, and how did you get it resolved?

Just spin up a new project selecting the template you want, and then transfer it to your team account. You can then fork it as a template and reuse as needed (free templates or ones you created).

So the templates you receive with the free account are all of the same templates you receive with the pro or teams account? Kinda surprises me you don’t get any premium templates with the pro or teams account.


Premium templates are provided by designers, which are sold for a fee. When you purchase a template, it is for use on one project. So I don’t see how this could be done, without diminishing the value of template author’s creations or forcing them to take a big hit.