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Templates for Organizations

Hi there,

it seems not possible for me to create a new website from a clonable, paid or free webflow template inside our organization account. It works perfect with my personal account.

Any idea?


Hi @Kalli2000,

Thanks a lot for the question :slight_smile: At the moment, it is not possible to purchase a template, from an organization site.

You would need to first change your site dashboard from the team site, to the personal site dashboard:

Once you do that, you can create a new site, based on a paid template, and purchase the template into your personal site dashboard.

From there, you can transfer the site to your organization from your Personal site dashboard:

After that step, the site based on the template, should be in your Organization site dashboard, ready to go :smile:

I know this area needs some work to make the process better :slight_smile: Stay tuned for future updates :smile:


thanks dave, it works great! Looking forward for future updates :smile:

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