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Template Wedding Gold

Hello designers,

I’m finalizing the template for the wedding, I would like some opinions of you on the template, if something is missing or needs to improve?

What did you think?

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As you can see Navbar is broken in mobile (not compatible) as well as try to use svg icons… They [icons] are currently blurry on a high quality screen. Hope this helps. :wink:

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Nice design with the border at the top. The very first photo on the second section is overlaid onto the text.

I really like the rsvp cards. I do feel like the colors in the list gifts section don’t really match the light feel of the template. Perhaps simplifying them would make them fit better. I’d also make the footer a solid color (gradients band without any noise) or add a subtle background image underneath, even a noise texture would work.

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Had corrected, thank you =)

Thank you very much, I improved list gift and footer, what did you think?
About the this first photo bugged I don’t found this. What browser you use?

Footer looks killer! For the gift section I like how the black and white image looks. Maybe do them all black and white? And maybe blue circles would be better than the gold. Something about the gold plus the colored images along with super gold when you hover just seems too in your face to me.