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Template Used Here


Can anyone tell me which template was used to create this WebFlow site:

Thank you : )

Ho do you know for sure it’s a template and not made from scratch?

That’s what I was wondering.

I went and checked the templates… couldn’t find it.

Perhaps it’s made from scratch.

Good point, I’m not sure. It was a hunch.

I really like the scrolling nav, with full width background images holding in place, until the next is revealed.

The designer may not be a regular here.

Just fyi - the feature you like… can easy be done in Webflow.

That’s good to know. Is it a particular script for the parallax scrolling or something?

Hey @stammik

You have lot of Templates that can help you and have this effect :smile:

Take a look here:
Also if u need this effect see video here: or here


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