Template Tweak? Tabs Wrapper/Tabs Content

Good Day Web Flow-ers.
This is my first post

I have a particular question about how to expand on a template that I am currently using.
If anyone wants to take a peek at the original, you can fid it here:

Looking at the organization of portfolio tab in this template, the “Tab Content” Div Block seems to be, naturally, constrained to the viewport.

How can I make it so that the portfolio gallery tab allows all of the images in my catalog collection be displayed (i.e. scroll down or display all)?

Note :

  • I have changed the page on the portfolio tab to make CMS-based entries display as a masonry layout.
  • I’d just like this one particular ‘tab’ (Commercial Home) to allow all of the images to be displayed if I so choose to do so.

UPDATE: I’m still developing for the “desktop” viewport.

  • Portrait-oriented tablets and phones (both portrait & landscape oriented) show the ability to scroll vertically (albeit with undesired spacing).
  • The desktop sites are showing horizontal scrolling capability, but vertical was expected and is desirable.

Here is my site Read-Only: