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Template product images change to all different sizes when I replace with my own

Hi Guys, I hope you’re all well. I must admit I’m a newbie to web design let alone webflow. I know the bare basics and I’ve taken the time to go through all tutorials that webflow provide.

I Would say I’m getting the hang of everything but still have a fair way to go. So I apologise in advance if the problem I am finding is an easy one.

So I’m currently on my first project designing my own e-commence website for my flower business.

I’m using one of the free templates (Mariela) I’ve basically changed everything, put my own content in, replaced everything etc. But I have kept the products on the template and just tried to replace the photos, text etc. I’ve done this but now the images are all different sizes within the flex grid. I feel like I have gone over everything and felt this was the only option to try sort this issue.

Could anyone suggest a solution?

Again, apologies if this is very simple I am still in the process of learning.

Thanks in advance.


Can you share your read only link please?


thank you

The reason for this is that your images are different sizes and that makes them hard to manage for the settings that you have. I made a small video of the steps to take in order to make them all the same size.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your help and efficiency. I appreciate you sending across the video too. I been trying to do this for some time

I am new to Webflow and web design. I have never used any other platform so you could say I am a plain canvas ready to sponge any information or research I come across.

All the best.


Following all your steps, this is the message I get?

When I select sizing in flex child on the relative position. It does to this.

You missed that the expand setting is on the image link not the image itself.