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Template pricing vs hosting subscription pricing

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Hi there @AgA, the template price of $49 is separate than the cms hosting subcription billing.

Here are all the hosting plans and pricing:

Thanks a Lot but you also to buy The possibility of opening CMS ?
For example : if i want to give to my custorner (doctor) the ability to
manage The Blog or male changes in is site ?
Best reguard

Hi @AgA, if cms hosting is added, a site collaborator (i.e. your client) can be invited to login to the published site, and change content, add blog pages etc, but they do not have access to change the design.

In that scenario, you would manage the site for the client and make design changes and let them add all the good site content :slight_smile:

Take peek how the cms editor works:

I hope this helps

Thanks a Lot,
But if i have hosting service (es. Aruba of other) for my site and i want
olny manage Blog page ( es. Write articles) or make small editorial
variations (es. Change a photo, change a text) to a page whitout touching
the structure i have to by the hosting plane or CMS is included ?
In other words, your sites are statics (even paid) and olny if i buy
hosting service from you become dynamic or i can make an annual
subscription to have all the possibilities for my sites,
hosting service, CMS, and all other ?
Best reguad

Hi @AgA, thanks for the reply. Well, since CMS features are only available for sites hosted in Webflow, what you could do is to create a CNAME record in DNS settings for a domain like, to point to

This will let you host a site in Webflow with cms for the blog, and access it via the url The would be your main domain and be accessed as normal.

I hope this helps

Ok, but if i have a subscription a webflow team plane i pay also a CMS
hosting plane or are including?

Nb. It’s possible talk in italian ? My English i basic

Hi @AgA, yes, that is correct, the team plan is a separate cost than the hosting subscription. Each site that requires cms hosting needs its own subscription.

By summing up, static site I can choose whether to buy the single template,
do it for free or join an annual subscription based on my needs of number
of sites to develop, dynamic site, that is, with the ability to manage the
blog, make changes etc. Do I have to buy a hosting subscription and nothing
else even the template? If I have a team subscription so I would not have
to pay a different account for double charges?