Template Page deletes itself when deleting a Collection

Oh man. I ended up deleting a CMS collection (on purpose), and what I learned is that its accompanying Template page (blog posts, say) also deletes itself—along with all the design I made for it. Bummer. (Lesson learned on me.)

So, bug? Or Wish List? Not sure.

Weblfow is great. Cheers, all.

did you check your backup? not sure if deleting completely obliterates it but fingers crossed for you.

Hmm… I’m ashamed to say I didn’t think of that. I wonder if it will screw up the CMS collection changes I made/added since then.

Thanks for the good idea.

lol…it happens…but yeah…i would assume all changes made after would be loss…from what i have seen the backup works similar to time machine and rolls your site back.

edit: also as far as whether it is a bug…i would assume that is the intended functionality since the template is generated from the collection :confused: so i’m guessing wishlist

Hey @TylerDunlap I’m glad you’re enjoying Webflow and sorry that you lost the work you had done. Were you able to retrieve a previous version of your site that was saved prior to deleting the collection?

Yes, the previous CMS data re-emerged (the new entries and collection now gone).

It brings up an interesting point: Being able to unlink the CMS data to the design to reattach it to a different collection. After the collection deletion (again, which I did on purpose), those design elements that were associated with it were thereafter locked, and I couldn’t connect it up to a new CMS collection. It had the padlock, and couldn’t be changed, even though there was no collection connected—so I couldn’t repurpose the design to the new collection. It was an orphan I couldn’t give new parents, so to speak.

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