Template Misalignment

I have had to restart designing my website two times now, because for some reason when I get so far in the design it automatically misaligns itself. I have not changed any alignments within the template I am using. This has been a very frustrating process. I have watched the tutorials offered by Webflow and nothing has been helpful. I genuinely expected this to be more user friendly. It sucks that I paid for a template that has caused more of a headaches than anything.

Hi HOH, it’s not possible to guess without digging into your project.

The main thing to understand is that a template is a starting point. If your are adding items, moving things around, changing layout parameters… things will change and you will likely have to adapt the template to support what you’re building.

Webflow is a tool for web designers so it requires a decent level of understanding on how flex, css, float, block layouts, positioning, etc work and how they interact. It doesn’t protect you from choosing incompatible settings, so you need to identify where your conflicts are and learn from them.

Best advice I can give is, learn chrome devtools well, read up on the specific layouts you’re struggling with, retain a mentor if you need to progress faster than self-learning allows.